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Smith Miller Testimonials


In 1953 my brother and I each received a Smith Miller M.I.C. Liftgate truck from our grandfather. I actually remember the salesman handing us the trucks. What a wonderful gift! We played with them for years, putting 'thousands' of miles on them. They were nearly indestructible. As we grew older and our interests changed, they were pushed aside and forgotten. Only one of the trucks survived in a very neglected condition. I came across that truck this past winter in my attic and decided to restore it. Thanks to the Thompson family's efforts, I soon found that some missing parts were still available and I now possess a completely restored M.I.C. Liftgate truck. I am nearly done with a second Liftgate truck I have restored for my brother and am now working on a M.I.C. Dump truck. I don't know which was more fun.....playing with the trucks as a kid or restoring them as an adult. Thanks for keeping my memories alive.

~Mike Poole - Van Buren, OH

My father was a sales representative for Pacific Intermountain Express when I was a kid. They were one of the big interstate freight carriers after WWII and Smith-Miller was a big customer. Dad called on Smith-Miller in his work of convincing customers to use PIE instead of some other truck line. I had a fleet of Smith-Miller trucks then but that was a very long time ago. There is a picture of me at about age nine with my fleet. My son has that picture now. Recently my wife and I found a PIE truck in a local antique shop. It came home with us and we started looking on the internet for any info concerning the old toymaker. We found the website and the fine folks that restore the old toys and that brand new looking, beautifully restored PIE truck has a proud place in our living room. Thanks for the memories.

~David Ortega

I am 61 years old. In 1952 or 1953 I received a Smith-Miller Bekins "L" Mack truck for Xmas. Two years ago I had it restored to its original condition using original decals and other parts from Smith-Miller. I had a special display case made for it and it's going to be passed down to my grandchildren. I also own a "L" Mack fire truck. Great old toys!

~Steve - McMurray, PA.

Toughest best detailed trucks ever. I remember for my 6th birthday, I got a light green L-Mack lumber truck. I Played with that truck at least weekly for at least 14 yrs. When I married at 18 I gave it to my younger cousin, He got at least another 10 yrs out of it. I just got lucky the other day and Bought an original L-mack freight box Truck and Trailer Red and Black in about a #7 condition at a garage sale for $200 This one is in a glass display case beside the computer. Bringing back those old kid days and loving every minute of it. Thanks.

~ Steve

It was 50 years ago that I received my B Mack Bekins toy truck for xmas. My son and I both enjoyed playing with the truck, we use to even sit on it! The truck is in good shape to this day, nothing has broke on it! Hats off to a good toy maker.

~ Anonymous

The L-Mack Mayflower by Fred T. - most beautiful toy truck I ever laid eyes on. Sits up proud in my office.

~ Paul Grushkin

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